Jared Leto Is Going To Be Playing Hugh Hefner In A Movie

Can't say I'm surprised by this. 

Who Should Be The Last Nude Playboy Cover Model?

Hopefully you are recovering from Playboy's news that they decided they would no longer publish nude photos of women in their magazine.  Frankly, I never thought I'd live to see this day (not that the nudes ever bothered me, it's just bodies after all). However in a day where skin is in, I'm surprised at…

Bye-Bye Playboy! 10 Of The Most Surprising Playboy Features!

As you may have already heard, Playboy Magazine announced yesterday that they will no longer be publishing nudes in their magazine. 

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Where Does Boston Rank in the Sexiest Cities?

If anyone knows the definition of sexiness, it's "Playboy"... That sentence was for anyone out there who happened to just arrive in a time machine from the 1970s. I keed, I keed. You're still cool, "Playboy." (I stole that line, but it made me chuckle.) Playboy just released a list of the sexiest cities in America.…