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Amazing Fence-Jumping Bull

Meet the Michael Jordan of bulls!

Charlotte McKinney’s Got A New Lingerie Line

Charlotte McKinney, the chick from the Baywatch movie and those sexy Carl Jr.'s cheeseburger commercials that had you feeling kind of weird about hot broiled beef between two buns, has launched a her very own line of lingerie and Maxim has some exclusive photos of her wearing it.

Just your friendly neighborhood SPIDERDOG!

Move over spider-pig, Spiderman may have found a new sidekick!

Surfer Vs. 60-Foot Wave

Check out this surfer take on a 60-foot wave in Portugal!

Man Shows Off His Smoking Stunt

If you think this is impressive you should see what he can do with a home enema!

Why Donating “Holiday Foods” To Food Banks Is So Important

As we’re heading into the last weekend until Thanksgiving (officially kicking off the “Holiday Season”), if you’re able to pick up some extra “holiday foods” that are almost always on sale during this time, do it so you can donate those goods to your local food bank.

VIDEO: Chris Cornell’s “When Bad Does Good”

Chris Cornell, the retrospective set covering the many stages of the late singer, is out now and features the new track “When Bad Does Good.”  The moving song, which was previously unreleased until this new set, now has an equally moving video starring his son, Christopher.

New Chris Cornell Box Set Available Today Kim Thayil Explains - Amy Brooks

When Chris Cornell died, he was in the middle of many projects including writing a new Soundgarden album.  Plus, there had been some serious presumptions that he was open to making music again with Audioslave and Temple of The Dog after some really amazing live reunions.  Billboard interviewed guitarist Kim Thayil and learned the fate…

Dave & Chuck the Freak Peep Show: Nut Week Finale with Pecan Pie

Dave & Chuck the Freak celebrated the last day of nut week with pecan pie and realized their futures as radio show consultants during the festivities.