Dave Grohl on the Dynamics of Making A Foo Fighters Album

Foo Fighters release their ninth studio album, Concrete And Gold, today, following the 2015 EP Saint Cecilia as well as the 2014 Sonic Highways HBO show and attendant album.

Dave Grohl Opens Up On Chris Cornell’s Death

Foo Fighters' leader Dave Grohl has been largely mum about Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell's suicide in May, but he opens up about it a bit in an emotional new interview with Rolling Stone.

5 Nasty Stage Falls

Stage falls: They happen to even the best rockers out there.

Dave Grohl on The Mystery Guest Vocalist on the Foo Fighters’ New Album

The mystery still looms as to who the mystery guest vocalist on Foo Fighters’ new album Concrete and Gold could be, but Dave Grohl offered up some, albeit vague, clues.

WATCH: Dave Grohl Receives Guitar Signed By Belgian Foo Fighters Fans

Dave Grohl has a special guitar to play during Foo Fighters set over the weekend at the Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium. 

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