Twitter Contest: Win Tickets To Panic! At The Disco Online

Panic! At The Disco is taking over the TD Garden on July 25 and the thought of it is taking over our brains. We NEED to be at the show.

Feel the same and want to win yourself a pair of tickets? We got you covered.

To enter our Twitter contest, follow these simple rules:

  1. Log on to your Twitter account
  2. Create a mad-lib following the format of " 'Verb'! At The 'Noun' " (Fill in your choice of verb and noun to tell us how you feel.)
  3. Tweet it to @ALT929Boston with #PanicAtTheGardenContest included.
  4. Pick up every penny, buy a rabbit's foot, or do whatever you need to increase your luck. We'll pick one winner to win a pair of tickets to the show!


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