Forgotten Jam: Portugal. The Man "People Say"

Today's Forgotten Jam was Portugal, The Man first big single from 2009

Why Mumford & Sons Should Take Out Blink 182

Before every Saturday night mall shopping, tri-hair colored fan boy freaks out on me,  this isnt an argument of who is better ... it's about what is better. - Jason Rossi 

3 Years Ago Today My Chemical Romance Announced Breakup

A band that never got their due. - Jason Rossi  Lets remember the good times, and this f'n jam.

Pearl Jam Vs. twentyonepilots, Which Side Are You On?

twnetyonepilots has taken the alt-rock scene by storm, but are they worth a vote over Pearl Jam ... I think so.- Jason Rossi 

Forgotten Jam: Nirvana "You Know You're Right"

Today's Forgotten Jam is Nirvana's last released original song, "you Know You're Right." - Jason Rossi  "You Know You're Right" was recorded during Nirvana's final session, January 30, 1994 at Robert Lang Studios in Seattle,Washington. The song remained locked away from fans for years following Cobain's death. This recording became the object of much legal dispute between Love and…

Can Panic At The Disco Pull This Off?

Panic At The Disco may not have the main stream hits that Coldplay has, but they do have passionate die-hard fans. - Jason Rossi 

Forgotten Jam: Snow Patrol "Spitting Game"

Today's Forgotten Jam is "Spitting Game" from Snow Patrol, and it was the bands first US hit. In 2003 Yahoo! Music's Simon Ward reviewed the single positively, awarding it 7 stars out of 10, though he criticized the song for being "an indie anthem of the kind Ash used to make ten years ago." He…

90's Punk Vs Today's Biggest Act. Who You Siding With?

In the battle of "what you know" and what you don't ... you're likely to go with the comfort of what you know. When it comes to being a music fan, open your ears and discover what could be the next BIG thing. - Jason Rossi 

Watch: Drummer Backflips Between 2 Kits

I have seen countless backflips in my life. Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots is known for backflipping from the top of a piano during their live set, many athletes have been known to backflip in celebration. What I have never seen before though is a drummer doing a backflip from one kit to another mid-solo.....until…

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