No Quiet Game, No Encore For Twenty-One Pilots Fans in Manchester - Amy Brooks

File this one under one (or 2) bad apple(s) spoils the whole bunch.  A twenty-one pilots crowd in Manchester, England blew an opportunity to have the band do an encore, all because they couldn't play "the quiet game".

While most performers spend half of their concerts goading fans into screaming at the tops of their lungs, Josh and Tyler have taken the opposite approach on their current "Bandito" tour by playing "the quiet game." In the case of the Manchester show over the weekend, Josh Dunn and Tyler Joseph told the audience they would only play three extra songs if everyone could be quiet for four seconds. (Come on guys FOUR seconds??!)

But alas, that proved to be two seconds too long for a handful of concert goers who let out a few random yelps. The entire venue erupted in eardrum-shattering boos as twenty one pilots left the stage, ending the evening's performance...and they didn't come back!  Good for them. They were true to their word, like parents punishing naughty children with no regrets, following through with the threat (which btw not enough parents are doing today, just saying).

So Boston, consider this a warning for when twenty-one pilots play Boston Calling, the goal is to beat 4 seconds! Although they'd be hard pressed to get an entire festival to zip it completely and then if and when they walk off stage?  Ooohh I shudder to think...

-Amy Brooks

Here's an example of how it went in Dublin:

"The quiet game"

twenty one pilots on Twitter

TheQuietGame - Dublin, Ireland didn't really play tonight but we are still out here trying to find a city to beat five seconds. it will be soon, we can feel it.