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POLL: Are Imagine Dragons The New Nickelback?

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor says Imagine Dragons have usurped Nickelback as the band music fans love to hate. Is he right?

I don't remember exactly when everyone started hating Nickelback. I would guess circa 2005 when someone mashed up "How You Remind Me" and "Someday". But despite all their success, Nickelback became shorthand for music as a formulaic commodity instead of art.

A couple years ago, Esquire published a piece titled 'The Chainsmokers are the Nickelback of EDM'.

In order for people to treat something as a punchline for 12 years, that thing probably needs to be immensely successful.

Enter Imagine Dragons. The Las Vegas quartet hit the scene 8 years ago and scored some massive hits like "Radioactive" and "Demons". Although their second record failed to match that early success, they've been on a hot streak since 2016. "Sucker For Pain", "Believer", "Thunder", "Whatever It Takes", and "Natural" - all charted at least #15 on the Hot 100. And the band released the Evolve and Origin full-lengths only 16-17 months apart - each debuting at #2 on the Billboard Album Chart. Haters can't even catch their breath!

Enter Corey Taylor. The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman recently guested on a Los Angeles radio show and said this after agreeing Nickelback are "the scapegoat of rock and roll":

However, they are passing the baton to Imagine Dragons right now, and I love it... They're awful, so that's cool. And they're from Vegas [where Taylor also lives], so I'm gonna go home to protests. Can't show my face in this town now. Yeah, people are slowly coming back to appreciate Nickelback and then just turning their irksome ire towards Imagine Dragons. Be prepared for this to turn into 20 clickbait news stories, though, by the way.”

He's certainly right about that last part. So... it's time to weigh in!

Who do you think is the most hated rock band in the world?  Has Imagine Dragons taken the title from Nickelback?  Does either band deserve to be hated?