Here's Why Imagine Dragons NCAA Half-Time Show Got Panned On Twitter- Amy Brooks

Ohhhh so THIS was the basis for why Imagine Dragons got killed on Twitter! For months it was known that Imagine Dragons would play NCAA's National Football Championship half-time show. What we didn't know was that they were playing 49 miles away from Levi Stadium where the Clemson v Alabama game was being played.  Some of the Tweets were pretty damn funny not to mention spot on...check them out below!

Why did the NCAA want the big show played so far from the stadium? Maybe because the field is known for its soft turf thus a halftime show wouldn’t work? Perhaps it was some contractual crap or maybe they were playing in San Franciso anyway and the NCAA just tagged on to their already scheduled SF show show.  Maybe they just wanted cool shots of the San Francisco skyline? Who knows but when I first heard about the negative reaction to Imagine Dragon's show I realized it wasn't necessarily because they sucked, it just sucked that those at the game had to experience their half time performance  on the big screen (which was NOT how the show was presented to fans).

TV viewers on the other hand were rewarded with a short set from Imagine Dragons joined by Lil' Wayne for a joint performance of, “Believer” which you can see here:

Imagine Dragons - CFP National Championship 2019 (Halftime Performance)

Imagine Dragons Halftime Show at 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship Setlist: 01 - Natural 02 - Thunder 03 - Bad Liar 04 - 05 - Beleiver

And here are some of the hilarious social media reactions:

Pasco's Perspective on Twitter

Imagine Dragons/Lil Wayne Halftime CFB National Championship @Treasure Island

Landon Howell on Twitter

All this hype about Imagine Dragons and the actual halftime show is on Treasure Island, 49 miles away in San Francisco? The crowd at the game will literally have to imagine the Dragons.

What was going on at Levi Stadium after Imagine Dragons wrapped up their short set on the jumbo-tron?  Marching bands.


-Amy Brooks

Ramin Rezvani on Twitter

Watching Imagine Dragons at #LevisStadium... on the scoreboard because the actual show is 50 miles away on Treasure Island. #NationalChampionship #CFBChampionship #CFBPlayoff