How Long Does It Take To Get Back Into The Groove After Holidays? - Amy Brooks

Have you settled back into your routine yet?  Or are you still spaced out and exhausted from the holidays?  Yeah, I'm with ya.  I'm better than I was last week but still not quite in the groove.   So if you think it's just you, think again...we ALL have this feeling.  Especially if you took the full week and a half at the end of the year.  However, apparently we have hit the cutoff for what is reasonable for BLAMING the holidays for our doldrums.

A new survey found it takes the average person FOUR DAYS to get back into their routine once the holidays are over.  If you count New Year's Day as the last holiday, then we're now on Day Six.  Here are the top ten things that make it hard to readjust . . .

1.  The weather is horrible.  Which is just depressing.


2.  The days are still short, and it gets dark early.


3.  We know we've got another two months of winter left.


4.  You just feel tired and sluggish in general; see number 2 (can you say vitamin D?)


5.  January feels like the longest month of the year, because it is.


6.  The excitement of Christmas has passed (although I'll admit to being psyched when it was over, sorry believers).


7.  Readjusting to your routine feels boring.


8.  It feels like ages before you'll have time off work again (TRUTH).


9.  You feel like there's nothing to look forward to now (more TRUTH)


10.  You want to exercise, but can't get motivated, cna you say unachievable New Year's goals??) Ugh!

On that note, have a great full 5 day work week.

-Amy Brooks

Back to work after the holidays...

Back to work after the holidays...