Meet The Struts Backstage HOB Boston - Amy Brooks

Let me start with the moral of the story: never doubt the words of the great Dave Grohl.  After seeing The Struts work their magic opening for the Foos at Fenway last summer,  there was no disagreeing with Dave's words.  In fact The Struts have had soo many offers to open for rock's most legendary bands (Rolling Stones new tour, Guns n Roses) they have regrettably had to decline as they are finally doing their own first ever headline tour.

My position for sometime, after years of rock-world Grammy snubs and the seeming disappearance of new rock music altogether (you know like with REAL instruments and a dynamic frontman?), has been that we need more, or the ones out there need more attention.  Enter this 4 piece from Derby, England who rival their idols Queen and Aerosmith in their hay-day.

It's fact, I have not seen the likes of frontman Luke Spiller's talent, charisma and ability to connect with an audience in years, and frankly, perhaps ever.

So to rub elbows (literally) with him on a couch in their intimate green room backstage at Boston's House of Blues before playing Alt 92.9's Miracle on Landsdowne was a complete thrill. We learn about their love (and disdain) for being on the road vs performing, their thoughts on the new Queen biopic (and how Luke would've been a shoe-in to play a 70's Freddie) and how and why they aren't at all well known in the UK (what??!!).

Last night the House of Blues, tomorrow (one day) Gillette Stadium.  The Struts are the real deal, and getting to know them, an honor.

Check it out here:

The Struts Interview

Amy Brooks chats backstage with The Struts at Alt 92.9's Miracle On Lansdowne show at the House of Blues!