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NEW MUSIC: The Dirty Nil "That's What Heaven Feels Like"

The Dirty Nil goof off while playing loud, raw garage rock. Gotta keep things light when you're tasked with saving rock & roll.

I received a copy of Higher Power in the mail a couple years ago. I can't speak for all music directors, but finding the time to listen to every piece of music we receive is pretty much impossible. But I was drawn to its badass album art so I put the record on. As soon as it launched with high-octane anthem "No Weaknesses" I fell in love.

Their latest album Master Volume came out a few months back. They walk a line between outsized classic rock bombast and snotty breakneck punk. Brash, fun, and LOUD. Singer/guitarist Luke Bentham oozes rockstar charisma even on the smallest stages. Like just this past Saturday at Middle East Upstairs. He works a crowd and looks like a star doing it.

But as you can see from their video for current single "That's What Heaven Feels Like", these guys do not take themselves seriously at all. On the other hand, they take ROCK very seriously. And I'm not the only fan who thinks The Dirty Nil might be the rock heroes we need.

The Dirty Nil - That's What Heaven Feels Like (Official Video)

Directed by Mitch Barnes & Victor Malang [email protected] Editor: Victor Malang DOP/Camera: Mitch Barnes Intro Music: Mitch Bowden Hair & Makeup: Kyrsten Bryant The Baptist: Drew Thomson Special thanks to Brian Jagersky, Shangri-La Niagara Family Campground, Gordon, Niagara Segway Rentals On tour this fall.