(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

A Drunk Woman on a Plane Swears and Insults the Crew for Not Giving Her More Wine

A drunk female passenger on an Air India flight completely lost it after being told she couldn't have any more wine.  One of the flight attendants got it on video. 

She's already walking around the cabin ranting and swearing when the video starts.  She keeps claiming she's an "international criminal lawyer," as if that's supposed to convince them to give her more alcohol.

She spends almost four minutes insulting and threatening the crew while dropping nonstop F-bombs.  She even gets into it with some of the other passengers.  She was arrested after the flight landed.

Drunk Passenger Goes Crazy on Air India Flight

A drunk passenger goes crazy on an Air India Flight, after she was refused another glass of wine on the flight. The passenger on the Mumbai-London AI-131 flight on November 10 verbally abused the flight attendants and roughed up one of them. She allegedly spat in the face of a crew member and twisted her arm.