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NEW MUSIC: Houses "Fast Talk"

Dexter Tortoriello a.k.a. Houses muses articulately about the nature of life and death while remembering an old group of friends.

If lyrics to "Fast Talk" are one of the stages of grief, Houses must be marooned in 'bargaining'. "Maybe God is just a cop that we can fast talk," he wonders. Dexter explains the track:

That song is meant to be a memorial for a group of friends I had back in my late teens. Thematically it’s almost like a ballet where you keep driving around the same blocks, and people start disappearing from the car because they’re going to jail or dying.

Dexter's voice is deep and smooth - like Matt Berninger of The National but more comforting. And boy can he turn a clever phrase. "Cause karma's just a different word for bad luck/ and what if death is just another pair of handcuffs?" Musically, "Fast Talk" sounds like the way a mostly cloudy day looks. The sun peeks through from time to time but we take better pictures when it's overcast.

Houses - Fast Talk (Lyric Video)

Houses - "Fast Talk" Stream/Pre-Order: Lyrics: Me and my best friends Cruising down West End Street Hiding from cops and driving circles Around the block all week. All of my friends died, Out on West End Street. They say we're born to die young, But we're just trying to live in peace.