(Photo by Levent Kulu/Getty Images for IMG)

New fashion trend is woman wearing nothing underneath their jackets?

Apparently the new trend in women's fashion is wearing an open jacket with nothing on underneath it. 

Recently there has been an increase in women showing up to red carpet events rocking a suit coat or jacket with nothing on underneath.  No shirt, no bra, just bare breasts.  Fashion experts are saying that women are looking for new inventive ways to push boundaries and  show some skin.  This is just the current way to do that.

What's your take...Ya or Neh?


Women are wearing absolutely nothing under their jackets

Forgot something? That's what some bystanders were wondering when they saw fearless fashion vixens at last week's ready-to-wear shows rocking the latest look: an open jacket worn over bare breasts. That's right - no top and no bra, just unfettered boobage.