Photo by David James Swanson

LISTEN: Jack White's Live Cover Of 'Daughter' By Pearl Jam

There's a catch though. Remember those memes about how "Redbone" would sound in different situations?

Jack White performed in Seattle earlier this week where he covered the classic Pearl Jam track "Daughter". White and Pearl Jam have been a bit bromantic lately. But Jack insists upon phone-free gigs, so how do intrepid fans document cool stuff that happens?

One fan actually managed to record the performance through his Yondr mobile phone pouch, and it doesn't sound terrible!

Jack White covers Pearl Jams "Daughter."

Subscribe for full concert! Jack White covers Pearl Jams "Daughter." August 13th 2018. WAMU theater. Seattle, WA. Sorry for the quality, Forced to put my phone in a bag. Kinda nice though.. as it cuts out the crowd noise pretty good.

Your move, Jack White.