(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

You Don't Need to Go to a State Fair to Get Deep Fried Oreos Anymore . . . They're Making a Home Version!

Remember a few years ago, when Hostess started selling deep fried Twinkies in the freezer section at grocery stores? Oreo's "State Fair Cookies" are coming soon to Walmart.  And they come in two versions:  With a vanilla covering, or a chocolate covering.  You heat them up in the microwave, so we don't know that they'll be as good as the real thing . . . but hey it's worth a shot.


Oreo's New Cookie Is Better Than A Deep Fried Oreo

We like to think of the geniuses behind Oreo as innovators, but the cookie company's latest product launch is straight out of a page from Hostess' book. Oreo is bringing State Fair cookies - crunchy, coated cookie sandwiches - to the frozen aisle this summer, and they bear more than a passing resemblance to the Deep Fried Twinkies that hit freezer shelves in 2016.