What? The Ice Cream Emoji Is Just The Poop Emoji On A Cone? - Amy Brooks

Perception is reality for us all who would never consider confusing poop with chocolate ice cream, but alas, once you read this your perception will  likely change and you will see that the ice cream emoji is just the poop emoji on a wafer cone.  I may never eat chocolate soft serve again.

Los Angeles-based editor and writer Peter Miller made the discovery, when he was “photoshopping the poo onto the cone, for an annoying text to my girlfriend,” Miller told The Huffington Post via Twitter on Thursday.

So that there is something of an epiphany, I must say.  However what has been more of a burning question for my sister and me (in all of our texts to each other) is this...if you are inclined to use the poop emoji, that means something is "crappy" or "shitty" etc right?  so why is the poop SMILING???

Enquiring minds.

-Amy Brooks