Could The Hiatus Be Over For Twenty One Pilots? - Amy Brooks

We are officially on high alert after a website link was found hidden inside a gif on Twenty One Pilots website, and, understandably, fans are losing their minds.

Here's what I'm talking about:

This guy (and uber fan) noticed a gif on the TOP website was replaced, with the new one showing a website link at the end...however, this is just the first of MANY steps to the (possible) end result.  Check out the thread below and decide for yourself:

top today on Twitter

this isn't really a theory, more of a find. someone messaged me a screen cap of the vessel gif on the tøp show and i didn't really believe them so i checked myself. there is a code that appears in the end of it, the tv static at the end of car radio.

Once slowed down the gif reveals, a website which sends you to an error code with a very cryptic message and violation code.

The message contains capitalized letters that end up spelling "EAST IS UP."

And if you add the violation code to the end of the link...

Aaaand then it continues to take us on a mystery code-cracking journey which I gave up on.  BUT Alt Press and many fans did not! Do if you're still interested in the end result of this mystery information reveal, you can check out the rest of the virtual goose chase HERE! 

In the meantime, I'm going to go take a nap. Wake me up when they release anything will ya? 😉

-Amy Brooks