30 Seconds To Mars Drops New Album "America" After Jared Leto's Trek Across The Country - Amy Brooks

It is possible Jared Leto has outdone himself?  He has to be the most ambitious rock star (who doubles as an Academy Award winning actor).  Today (Friday April 6th) Jared Leto has wrapped up his incredible venture "Mars Across America" to promote his band 30 Seconds To Mars' 1st album in 5 years "America".  How'd he accomplish this trek across the country?  Well, how didn't he.  Jared hitch-hiked, he rode bicycles, motorcycles, planes, trains, automobiles, bus even a tractor trailer.  The goal?  To meet and see the amazing walks of life all across America with the theme that we are all connected, and to really drive that point home and according to Jared, “further showcase what America is made of”, has given out genetic testing kits along the way.

I caught up with him when he was passing through Ohio...


CHECK OUT his account of this part of his trip and how excited he is to be back in Boston this summer:

Oh and P.S. He says he will shave that beard if the new record hits #1.  Stay tuned!