New: Moon Taxi "Two High" Pick Of The Week - Amy Brooks

As it has seemed to have taken Moon Taxi, a grass roots, down to earth Nashville quintet, who formed in 2006, to get some traction. But while these amazing musicians have stuck with their career of choice, we fans are sure glad they have, because their persistence has paid off.

Enter Moon Taxi's new track "Two High" from their current album Let The Record Play.  You can't help but move your mid section to their rich jam-band like groove.  In Moon Taxi's press release for this track, the band says Two High is...

 “a song about hope. Hope for understanding, hope for acceptance, and hope for our future. We were inspired by the simple and universal peace sign. It's a gesture we would like to see more of.”


Additionally, what used to be damnation for a band, in the eyes of other musicians and fans...they just signed with Jeep to have "Two High" as the music for the car company's latest ad campaign.  Which proves to be smart NOT at all a sell out as once thought (ie: Imagine Dragons).

"[Our hope is to] make a record that lends itself as easily to the home speakers as it does to live shows, blending the best of pop – great melodies, smart hooks – with lyrics that conjure stories and inspire real thoughtfulness".

I say put 'em up, for Moon Taxi.

Moon Taxi - Two High (Official Video)

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