Channeling Zeppelin - Meet Greta Van Fleet The Future Of Rock Music

OMG I have been begging for a Zeppelin resurgence of sorts. Well, didn't I wake up the other day only to hear that my wish has come true and it comes in the form of this incredibly well received band with their song "Highway Tune".  

Meet Greta Van Fleet, who have no member over the age of 21, and who has spent a significant amount of time on top of Billboard's Active Rock and Mainstream Rock charts.  Now we at Alt 92.9 welcome this band of brothers (3 of the 4 are actual brothers) from Frankenmuth, Michigan.   Brothers Joshua "Josh" Kiszka (vocals), Samuel "Sam" Kiszka (bass), Jacob "Jake" Kiszka (lead guitar) formed Greta Van Fleet in 2012 (named after a random woman from Frankenmuth, MI) and added drummer and friend Kyle Hauk who was later replaced by their current drummer Danny Wagner.

"Highway Tune" was featured on Showtime's Shameless, and really, the rest is history.  In a Billboard interview with the band the brothers say they grew up on all kinds of rock music thanks to their bass playing father's vinyl collection.  And with such a tight knit family growing up, not a lot of TV watching and a clear message of love not hate, their music reflects such a sentiment. Here is Josh explaining how and why their songs are simply never about division and strife:

Now and always there’s going to be conflict and probably the most logical and helpful thing we can be mindful about is to focus on the strength of humanity and not the flaws. Man is imperfect and will always be imperfect. Because we are humans and we are flawed there will always be some sort of strife and disagreement, but in that sense there’s also unity and people in the world cleaning up oceans and feeding the poor. In a busy world with everyone having busy lives and punching in and punching out, it’s hard to be mindful and hopefully the music that we’re making can be a sort of meditation and a light.

How old is this kid? 21?  Wow, just wow.  His voice is that of an old soul and so is his music.

Check out this Greta Van Fleet song and then together let's watch them make their mark.  Thank guys for keeping guitars and real drums in rock music.


Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune

Highway Tune (Official Video) Song available here: Connect with Greta Van Fleet: Directed by Ford Fairchild Produced by Christina Cooper For FOCO Creative Music video by Greta Van Fleet performing Highway Tune.