Statue To Be Erected For Chris Cornell Memorial - Amy Brooks

Check this out, plans are being made for a statue to be erected in Chris Cornell's honor and memory.  Wow!  Very cool right?  Well it sounds like a great plan, anyway.  It's just that this is a slippery slope.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea, because let's face it, when it comes to the Seattle grunge scene (which became a full blown movement) he is the leader.  My only concern is of course the likeness of how it will turn out.  Call me a nay-sayer but take Tom Brady as a prime example.  Not only did the poor courtroom artist butcher her sketch of him when he was fighting about deflategate, but the TB12 wax figure made for Boston's new wax museum was also a creepy debauchery of our beloved GOAT.

Chris's widow, Vicky, promises us however that the sculptor Wayne Toth who created the memorial to Johnny Ramone in 2004 (left) which stands at Johnny's grave in Los Angeles (the same cemetery where Chris is laid to rest) and came to her with the design and she and her kids LOVE it.  So I guess we just trust in Vicky.

Unlike Johnny Ramone's memorial, Chris Cornell's statue and memorial will be placed in his home town of Seattle.  The statue will take 7 months to create.  In the meantime friends, lawmakers and the city of Seattle look for that perfect spot to put it.

Vicky Cornell says,

“He is Seattle’s son. And we will be bringing him home and honoring him, I hope, with all of you, your love and support.”

I just hope it reveals the beautiful person and soul

he was and doesn't come out like this....