Fake Hangman Causes Painful Reaction - Amy Brooks

There's a guy in Sudbury, with a morbid sense of humor!  He has put out a Halloween display so realistic it has been getting 911 calls.  Really people?  You're calling 911 because you were fooled by a dummy hanging from a tree with some robotic twitching, 20 days before Halloween?  Are we that sensitive?  Don't answer that.

Ok. Now, hang on, let's just take a deep breath for a second (both puns intended).  It is Halloween.  The whole point of the holiday is to make others uneasy and to scare away the spooks, spirits and ghouls (if you believe in the true spirit of the day).  I do realize that each year with the incremental increase in technology of robotics in costumes and decorations, Halloween has become more realistic than ever, but isn't that the beauty of it?  I mean gone are the days of throwing a sheet over your head and saying "boo!" to get a reaction.  That ship has sailed my friend.  And yeah I get it, as a mom of 2 girls under the age of 11, dressing your little 5 year old as Elsa or Cinderella feels safe to you, but don't forget, Cinderella is nothing but a horror story behind that ball gown and glitter!

Teaching your kids as well as your own eye that it's not real, may just help us learn to cope better with reality, just my thoughts.  And in the meantime I love this display!  Although it maybe a bit of a stretch (another intended pun) when the guy calls it "art".

Bottom line - I love this display almost as much as the attention it's been getting.

Happy Halloween.


Realistic 'Hangman' Display Draws Intense Reaction

A Halloween display depicting a hanging man is getting mixed reaction from neighbors in Sudbury, Massachusetts.