Fans Around The World React To Chester Bennington's Death

Linkin Park just released an amazing video that beautifully shows their fallen lead singer's fans from all across the globe paying tribute Chester Bennington.

Chester died just about 2 months ago now at the age of 41, yet people all over the world continue to grieve his death.  Perhaps with time, his death has truly begun to feel more and more devastatingly real.

But in the best possible, choke-you-up kind of way, THIS new beautifully produced video is so amazingly heartwarming, I say you must spend the 2 minutes letting it wash over you. Seeing these fans from Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Germany, the US, Greece, Belarus, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Chile, France and the Netherlands pay their respects to Chester?  Wow.

If only we could show it to Chester.


Chester Bennington - Memorials Around The World

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