Tribute To Layne Staley Leading Up To His 50th Birthday

The 15th anniversary of Layne Staley's

death was earlier this year (April 5th, 2002) and as we creep up on what would've been Layne's 50th birthday (August 22), the tributes are coming out of the woodwork.

Many artists, who knew Layne, share their stories and their love and appreciation of his life and talent are speaking out in this new video Pearl Jam recently tweeted out.  Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell, Heart's Ann Wilson, and surviving Mad Season members Mike McCready and Barrett Martin paid tribute to Layne Staley in the video (below)...

Pearl Jam on Twitter

'Singles' musicians remember "one of the greatest singers in rock and roll history," Layne Staley of @AliceInChains:

It's a reminder that we haven't heard his voice in so so long.  It's also the reality that we rock fans have been faced with over and over, again and again.  Will we feel about Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell 15 years from now what we have felt about Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley?  Yeah I think so, hell I already do.

-Amy Brooks