Here's What's New With Pearl Jam - "Let's Play Two"

The other day a friend asked me if Pearl Jam was "all done"...I was like, "WHAT??  Hell NO!"  I mean it was just last summer that they were here at Fenway for 2 nights (sold out btw) only to possibly be out done by their Wrigley Park shows the following week, (hard to compete with the Cubbies when it comes to Eddie Vedder, clearly one of their most notable life-long celebrity fans) and especially last summer which turned out to be one hell of a banner season, winning the World Series for the first time in well over a century.  So instead of wondering if PJ is "done" perhaps a better question might be "what's new with Pearl Jam?" ... ya feel me?

And I in fact have the answer...

A new and unsuspecting film trailer was recently released from one of America's most beloved bands (who's lead singer IS still alive...sorry I know, morbid).  Apparently, Pearl Jam is trying to prep us for their upcoming concert film “Let’s Play Two”, featuring Pearl Jam playing to their rabid fans in Chicago which was obviously filmed during their shows at Wrigley last summer.

No release date...only this trailer (below), which does look cool even IF it IS Chicago.  😉


Let's Play Two - Teaser #1 - Pearl Jam

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Want more info?  The band suggests you sign up at for future details about the film and its release.