Coldplay At Gillette: Chris Martin Pokes Fun At Tom Brady's Age

Last Friday night Coldplay played the house that Brady built (Gillette Stadium of course) and at the beginning of their set, Chris told the crowd:

“We just want you to cheer like you just won the Super Bowl … not that you’d know anything about that.”

Haha oh Chris you're so funny.  Actually that was nothing but a way to the already Coldplay adoring audience, but certainly worked...the crowd went berserk!  He did get funnier, I will say.

When talking about Tom Brady and his age.  His speech about Tom's birthday and how he's really older than 40 backstage, he's this old man then he comes out looking like a demigod!


Check it out here:

Coldplay Boston - wished Tom Brady Happy Birthday Live 2017

Coldplay at Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA, USA Chris Martin just wished Tom Brady a Happy Birthday at #ColdplayBoston!