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Ok. So I've been staring at this computer screen trying to figure on an angle to take about this whole TB12 Method of eating, exercising and, well, living.  And I have circled back around to exactly where I started.  It's totally great but it's simply unrealistic for most, if not all.  If there's one thing we Americans know about ourselves it's our inability to adapt to new things (and our disdain of being told what to do).  No one likes it. And hardly anyone listens to advice on how to live but most especially how to EAT, the greatest of all American pastimes.

MY STORY:   I gave up meat a long time ago, after being the greatest carnivore there ever was (eating raw hamburger meat from the grocery store while my mother and I made pattys to freeze for later), I also ate veal, beef liver and even sweetbreads (pancreas, left).  Then in 1998-1999 when Hoof and Mouth and Mad Cow were all over the news, it gave me a glimpse into the industry of meat. Oh yeah, those nice neat little packages wrapped in cellophane at the back wall of every grocery store were animal muscle and other body parts. It was easy to see the filth they lived in and what farmers were feeding them which made them sick.  And then our subsequent panic over it all (rightfully so) which then lead to the often needless slaughter of animals on even small farms based on the POSSIBILITY of Mad Cow, (that's what really got me)...oooh it was a tangled web.  So I quit meat cold turkey.  Actually I quit turkey too.  And chicken.  All land animals, I stopped eating them all, over night.

Luckily, I love vegetables and legumes and grew to like tofu but I do still occasionally eat fish and other seafood so I've been getting by just fine.  Am I healthier?  Who knows.  I don't pretend to be, and I don't preach my habits.  Mine was a cerebral effort not a physical-improvement effort.  But even this pescatarian doesn't think she could keep up the regimen that TB12 demands.  And I am afraid for the public who may believe that if they do this diet it will make them as GREAT as Tom Brady (maybe even great enough to win a superbowl or 2 or hey...land a super model!).  So to me that sounds like false advertisement.  I do know this book will become a best seller (it already has become one on pre-order alone), but I'm not buying it. I'm buying that he's great, even the greatest and his diet works for him, but I'm all set even for $29.99.

And to further play devil's advocate here, he may feel better now than he did when he was 25, and that's amazing! But just how many Superbowls did he win on his old diet and exercise program? 2? 3?

All I'm saying is, there's not much scientific proof that eating tomatoes or eggplant isn't good for you, and an occasional hot fudge sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite) and real whipped cream with your kids is going to steal years from your life.  Moderation is the king of all disciplines and eating non-processed food sure helps.  So that's my take.  It's more achievable and quite possibly just as healthy.

I know! Maybe I should write a BOOK!  Oh yeah but no one would buy it because I'm not the G.O.A.T.



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