Is Oasis Reuniting For This Manchester Benefit Show?

Today on the air I talked about an artist that I was going to play coming up, describing them as "a band with 2 brothers who aren't friends".  Then I went on to say "and no it's not Oasis" (it was Black Crowes; Chris and Rich Robinson aren't close and according to Chris they "never have been").

HOWEVER; the Gallagher brothers may genuinely be putting their differences aside as their rumored reunion may be coming to fruition after-all!  Well maybe.  Despite past claims that Noel said he could "never forgive" his brother for leaving the band especially the manner in which he did (walking off stage in the middle of a gig), these two may reunite for the first time for a very special show in fact.  At the Ariana Grande Manchester, England Benefit Concert this weekend, being held, of course, in response to the recent terror attack there.  Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas Tweeted out THIS picture promoting the show...hmmmm curious!

Liam just unveiled his new solo single "Wall of Glass" and has some solo shows happening to support it. But no sign yet of Noel, yet.  But in regards to a reunion Liam said, according to NME, that the band definitely had "unfinished business".  Yeah no shit guys.  Get your act together and let's do THIS!!

Furthermore; Liam, did send out a birthday wish to his now 50 year old older bro, this week (May 29th was Noel's 50th! Hard to believe), and here's what Liam had to say when asked why, after so long, did he finally reach out to his brother:

 “Well you know, getting old now ain’t he, you know what I mean.” But then Liam added: “Everyone knows I love our kid… He doesn’t speak to me, we don’t speak to each other. I’ll speak to him some day. It’s all very sad, but we’ll get over it… I guess it mustn’t be nice for my mam… If Oasis ever got back together… if they do, they do. If they don’t, they don’t. A lot of people go, ‘Oh, leave it in the past, you were great then’. Mate, if we ever got back together, it would be happening. There’d be no dodgy gigs, it’d be bang on. So there is unfinished business there, but we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, we’re two little solo boys doing our little things innit.”

It's as if I can conjure up the accent myself.  Now if only I could conjure up a solid reconciliation and reunion commitment, that would be smashing... a 'right ol' knees up!'  😉

Finally I just found this truly AWESOME cell phone recording of a crowd in Manchester at a recent vigil for the victims, spontaneously singing "Don't Look Back In Anger" which has become something of an anthem in the city since May 22nd. Check it out...

-Amy Brooks

Manchester crowd sings Oasis song

People in Mancherster spontaneously started singing Oasis after a minute's silence for the victims of the terrorist attack

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