Radiohead Coming To Boston? Well, No But The Next Best Thing

Radiohead's latest US tour didn't have the legendary British band stopping anywhere near Boston.  So I'm thinking this is the next best thing, and wow!  It sure looks cool.  Perhaps something to do in town this weekend, especially if you didn't get Boston Calling tickets.

The Radiohead Experience

There's a show happening now in the planetarium at the Museum of Science that fuss the music of Radiohead with beautiful, inventive and amazing visuals. I remember them doing this with Pink Floyd but not being a big Floyd fan (sorry). I think THIS would me more my cup of tea (with clotted cream and crumpets - that's an English reference people) 😉

It was created as part of their SubSpace Project, an experimental playground for new work at the Museum of Science.  Thank heavens someone is championing art and artists!

Check out the full description and more info HERE , tickets are only $10 for adults.

Thank you Museum of Science for bringing Radiohead to life in Boston in a whole new and amazing way.  Now maybe I won't cry in my corn flakes at the fact they aren't coming around for a live show, maybe.