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DIY Mother's Day Gifts: What Mom Really Wants

No matter what the gift- mother will always appreciate it.

But there's nothing like seeing her wake up to a handmade gift straight from the heart. That she'll appreciate even more.

Mother's Day is less than a week away and many of us are scrambling to find just the right gift. Don't stress. We have all the ideas you need to help you put together the perfect, do-it-yourself Mother's Day gift that doesn't exceed your budget.

Mother's Day In A Jar: Buy an empty glass jar and simply cut out 50 slips of paper that each contain a word describing your mother. For 50 days, she can pick one out and read it. This one is sure to bring all smiles and warmth.

Gift Basket: Load up a basket with her favorite candies and spa treatments. Keep her feeling happy and healthy with some chocolate, body lotion, foot cream and lip balm. Make her feel 25 again.

Mother's Day DIY Gifts
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Cards: Shower her with cards. Write a poem on one and a short story on another. Go back to kindergarten and design with crayons. You are never too old to color! Take advantage of the Paint application on the computer to print one. Mix it up a bit. Maybe some are big and maybe others are small. Mom will never get tired of reading these.

The Classic Breakfast-In-Bed: Wake up extra early. C'mon you can do it! Pour her a glass of orange juice and a fresh, HOT cup of coffee. Cook up some of her favorite pancakes or French toast. Does she like strawberries and whip cream or is she more of a butter, sugar and syrup kind of gal? On the side, make her a couple scrambled eggs with just the right amount of salt. And for a finishing touch, lay a vibrant, red rose next to the plate. If the food is ready and she's still asleep, wake her up gently. She won't regret it!

Picture Perfect: Pick out one of the best times you shared with your mother, whether it be on the catamaran in Greece's deep blue waters or celebrating her birthday at her favorite restaurant with friends and family. Print out the picture at home or at your local CVS or Rite Aid. Buy a photo album, insert the picture and write a few lines describing the photo. This could be the beginning of a trend. Every year, add another to the picture album until it is fill. Mom will hold onto this forever. It's a gift that "keeps on giving."

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It's considered a day to honor our mothers who took care of us all our lives. But one day is just not enough. Remember to say 'thank you' mom frequently!

Sarah Francis is a half-Palestinian journalism junkie, a proud Charlotte, NC native with an oversized sweet tooth, and an active world traveler. Ask her where she's headed next. (@Sarah_Francis25)