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9 Unique Pet Treats And Gadgets You Absolutely Need In Your Home

Whether it's playing with your pet, feeding your pet, or giving them the best scratching post ever - we have tons of ways to show our furry friends we love them.

Here are some pretty unique products to make our pets lives more fun, easy, and lush, and will hopefully last for quite some time.


The iFetch

If you spend a lot of your time not able to play with your dog, here's the next best thing: The iFetch. The dog loads the ball and the ball shoots back out, creating hours of playtime. You can snag it on Amazon here.

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Took him a month to learn the @goiFetch, but we got there. https://t.co/vuaEunt0Qk


Fandom Collars

Are you a Star Wars FanaticOr are you more of a Harry Potterhead? Either way, Etsy has you covered with tons of unique collars. You can find the right ones, for dog, cat, and more, by just doing a little search on their site.

Sophie Harrison on Twitter

I solemnly swear... I have no words!


DJ Kitty Scratching Post

Does your cat aspire to be the next EDM sensation? Or do you? Either way, this scratching post for a cat is HYSTERICAL and perfect.

McQueenie Mulholland on Twitter

Probably the best cat scratching post in the world. DJ Kitteh!


Keys And Leash Hanger

Always throwing your keys one place, a leash in another? Well, this will keep everything out of the way and in it's rightful place. A His, Hers, and paws hanger.


Dog Umbrella

Do you like walking in the rain but your pupper does not? Well, this might help you. Here's another cool invention - a dog umbrella! You can snag it on Amazon here.


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Useful Transparent PE Pet Umbrella Small Dog Umbrella Rain Gear with Dog Leads Keeps Pet Dry ... https://t.co/9JillxS7b6



Do you spend your entire day wanting to hang out with your pet but can't because, you know, work? Well, this may save your cravings. PetChatz is a camera that links up to an app on your phone, and the camera shows the spot you've plugged in at home, and hopefully, your pet. This, of course, may work better on dogs than cats, based on personality, but either way - you can get a glimpse of your furry friend and say hello to them when you're gone.

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Have you entered our @PetChatz giveaway yet? Enter here: https://t.co/2uawqQrnVf #Giveaway ends TODAY. #win #contest #competition

Heavy Duty Paracord Leashes

Sometimes your leashes are not as heavy duty as they should be, or tend to start to fray if you've got a runner (some dogs are strong!). Check out these Paracord leashes, they come in all sorts of colors.


Toy Boxes

Do you have a ton of toys for your cat or dog, and they just end up all over the floor, and everywhere in between? This might be the thing for you. The box opens at the bottom so when you throw all the toys in, the dog can still access a toy or two - and you can feel free to pull them as needed.


Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

I always love when my friend have unique apparatuses for their pets to climb on. This particular bridge is "Indiana Jones" Themed, but let's note that we've seen so many bridges give out in movies that are wooden like this. Secure them carefully, and make an awesome drawbridge for your furry feline.