VIDEO: Eddie Vedder and Theo Epstein Crowd Surfing

Eddie Vedder headlined an epic night of music, comedy, fundraising, and yes, crowd surfing at this year's Boston edition of Hot Stove Cool Music at the Paradise Saturday night.

They raised over $725,000 for The Foundation To Be Named Later or The Red Sox Foundation, and  Chicago Cubs Charities.

ALT 92.9 was there.  And without taking away from the excellent coverage here and here, we offer our own observations:

  • So much music (5 bands over 5 hours!)
  • Eddie didn't HAVE to play an entire 2-hour set.  But he did. Because he's Eddie Vedder and he rules.  And his set list mixed Pearl Jam songs with thoughtful covers.  Again, because he's Eddie Vedder and he rules.
  • ALL 5 bands were awesome.  It was a relaxed, loose, raucous affair with interchanging band members and covers you wouldn't expect.  (I mean, Eddie Vedder playing Bruce Springsteens's Bobby Jean? The Chicago All Stars playing Dire Straits' "Skateaway?!" The Band Of Their Own playing The Runaways' "Cherry Bomb?"  Baseball guru Peter Gammons singing The J. Geils Band's interpretation of "First I Look At The Purse?")
  • Awesome comedy between sets as local actor/comedian Mike O'Malley and former Red Sox player Sean Casey held live auctions and busted balls with audience members.  Some of it not printable.  They also played "Name That Tune" as Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor tried to stump current Sox Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, and Steven Wright,  prompting Eddie Vedder to later discuss how he was moved to tears and emotional when Casey sang Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger."
  • Eddie and Bill Janovitz absolutely SLAYED Buffalo Tom's "Tailights Fade."  See it here,

Eddie Vedder - Taillights Fade - Hot Stove Cool Music, Boston (April 29, 2017)

Paradise Rock Club Buffalo Tom Cover

  • Eddie Vedder NEVER forgets.  He brought up the crowd booing a mention of the Cubs he made onstage at Fenway Park last August.  For the record, we  don't know what those people were thinking and neither did he.
  • Theo (who was visibly having an awesome time) sent The Red Sox and Cubs World Series trophies into the crowd for a crowd surf.  We submit our crappy phone photos, that still convey the awesomeness.


Theo Epstein sent the Sox and Cubs World Series Trophies crowd surfing


Eddie Vedder and Peter Gammons playing "Wishlist"


Eddie and his "Who The F is Theo Epstein?" T-shirt

And now to the crowd surfing.  Here, you can see Theo Epstein, AND Eddie Vedder indulging.  We still can't believe it happened.  Right next to us!  What a night!!!

Eddie Vedder - Rockin' In The Free World - Hot Stove Cool Music, Boston (April 29, 2017)

(beginning cut) Paradise Rock Club Neil Young Cover