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Metallica Replace Stolen Gear of Metallica Tribute Band

Give Metallica this week's Nice Guys awards.

After a trailer containing $20,000 worth of gear was stolen from the Metallica tribute band Blistered Earth earlier this week from a motel in Portland, Lars, James, Kirk and Robert stepped up to replace everything that was lost.

The group's Jared Kiess told that, "Lars asked for a list of gear, which we provided. Obviously this kind of thing is going to take time, so we weren’t expecting a pile of gear to show up on our doorsteps. But we are beyond thrilled, and pleasantly surprised by the fact that they even heard the story, much less that they made such an offer. It is incredibly humbling and gives us even greater respect for the band we play tribute to every night."

Metallica has been generally supportive of its tribute bands in the past; Last year it charged the Canadian group Sandman just $1 to use its logos.

Metallica itself is gearing up for the next leg of its Worldwired Tour, beginning May 10 in Baltimore.

...Meanwhile, Metallica has announced Chicago's Local H as one of eight winners of its Hit The Stage contest to open for some shows on the tour itinerary. The others include Blood People, Mothership, Messer, Troy, Hallow Point, Shattered Sun and Immortal Guardian.


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