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OMG - Billy Eichner And Seth Rogen Are In The 'Lion King' Reboot

The collective comedic pair will digitally suit up as - you guessed it, Timon and Pumbaa.

According to Nylon, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner were tapped to join Donald Glover (Simba) and James Earl Jones (who will be reprising his 1994 role of Mufasa).

Still as of right now, there's been no agreement in who will be voicing Nala, but of course, Beyonce seems to be the front runner pick - we wonder if she's got time.

Either way, we can totally see Rogen and Eichner laying it on thick as Timon and Pumbaa. Let's just hope Pumbaa isn't a stoner trope like most of Rogen's characters. But if he and Timon were, that would really explain how this happened:

The Lion King Timon and Pumbaa Hula Dance HD

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