Pats Fan Won't Let ESPN Use His Marathon Picture

"Absolutely the f*ck not."  My new and most favorite quip officially of all time.  But only because it was part of a most perfectly used tweet that some guy named Abdul posted to ESPN yesterday.

ICYMI, here's the story.

Abdul (or @Advil) was a spectator yesterday along the Boston Marathon route and he spotted a guy holding up a big sign for the runners to see as they passed by.  The sign said  NE 3  ATL 28  3rd  2:12.  Now.  Every New England Patriots fan knows (and plenty NON Patriots fans know) what that means.  Nearly 3 months ago in Houston for Superbowl LI, Pats were down by TWENTY FIVE points only to come back and win it all in OT.  So "Never give up" comes to mind..."Don't quit" is another.  Too many to mention but you get it and it certainly applies to runners having to endure the whole of a 26.2 race to the end.  Mad points for the sign.  Very nice.  But madder points for what happened next on the Twitter machine...

After Abdul tweeted the picture of the guy (below), ESPN tweeted back at him to see if he'd grant permission for ESPN to use the picture on all platforms?  And that's when the greatest tweet of all time went viral. And the words are brilliant.

"After the witch-hunt ESPN led against Tom Brady? Absolutely the fuck not. In fact block me right now. Go fuck yourselves."

Then the responses came and all was well with the world.  Wow.  There is simply no question, the best sports fans live here.  Scientist by day, Pats fan always.

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ESPNAssignmentDesk on Twitter

@Advil Hello. May ESPN have permission to use this photo on all platforms with a courtesy?