WATCH: Transformers - The Last Knight

Ready for even more action and pyrotechnics?  More fire and fantasy?  More "better kill them before they kill us" themed big screen blockbuster? I'm guessing you are because Paramount Pictures presents the 5th installment of the Transformer series...Transformers: The Last Knight.  

I'm in no way against these types of films but for some reason I haven't seen a single one of the Transformers. Is it a guy thing?  Is it a Mark Wahlberg thing?  Is it a sci-fi thing for the fatalist aficionados?  Or... is it a MICHAEL BAY thing?  Ding ding ding!  That's IT!

Transformers: The Last Knight, is the 5th of it's kind and it (according to "shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero".

You can expect to see; Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager; Sir Anthony Hopkins as Bumblebee, an English Lord; and Laura Haddock as an Oxford Professor.

But the real key, even more important than the Transformers themselves is Michael Bay  who directs like no other blow-stuff-up kind of director can.

Transformers: The Last Knight opens in theaters on June 23, 2017. Plus, this is pretty cool too) there are plans for the whole Transformers franchise to do a Bumblebee (Anthony Hopkins) spin-off film to be released in June of 2018 and the sixth Transformers movie set to debut June 28, 2019.

Speaking of 'spin off' - my head just did exactly that.

Check out the recently released featurette:

Transformers: The Last Knight - 3D Featurette - Paramount Pictures

Go behind the scenes with director Michael Bay for a closer look at the cutting-edge technology used to bring #Transformers: The Last Knight to life in stunning IMAX 3D. The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero.