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Chris Pratt Returns To Social Media To Rap About His Snack

Man, Chris Pratt. You should do a song with Eminem

Because Chris Pratt doesn't have anything else better to do... Y'know, except being a super star, or a Super STAR-LORD, he decided to post a little video about himself rapping about a Carrot Cake Muffin.

He shares in the caption "If your body gets so hungry you start eating your own brain matter for energy, keep going! You're almost there! It means the love handles are next! And then you will be complete. You will have arrived at the destination. And forever you will be happy. Just kidding. Don't do it. Not worth it. Go get some Doritos or skittles. Both of which have Starlord's face on them right now!!!"

Chris Pratt

WHATSMYSNACK It is said that when you fast you have visions. It goes back to the Bible and probably before. It's a spiritual experience to say the least. I'm not fasting per se but I am definitely at the point in this diet where I've began metabolizing my own brain for energy.


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