Happy Opening Day! What's Different At Fenway This Year

Every year they add this, take away that.  Give it a little paint job, give it a tweak here, a new sponsor there...all to spruce up the over century old beloved ball park (the oldest in the U.S.) and national treasure known as Fenway Park.  Shoot, it's such a treasure that if they even entertained the idea of changing the name to a corporate sponsor's, there would be an uprising and a revolt by the citizens of the Commonwealth like none other.

Since 2002, the Red Sox owners have poured $300 million into improving the park. During this past off-season, they spent about $10 mil on upgrades.  they are subtle but they are important and it's always interesting how they keep the historic landmark holy while giving it the sprucing up that the people who spend their hard earned $$ on tickets deserve.

Tully Tavern
The Red Sox removed rows in back of right field grandstand for the new full service bar, called "Tully Tavern" due to the ball club's partnership with Tullamore Irish whiskey. The area features swivel stools and tables, charging stations and 64-inch televisions. Price: $35 for Tier 5 games, $75 for Tier 1 games... (not too bad).


WATCH: See Fenway Park's New 'Tully Tavern'

Boston Red Sox officials showed off "Tully Tavern," a new bar area in right field grandstand

Refurbished Pesky Pole
The Pesky Pole in right field needed some serious repairing and that it got.  The organization "reinforced areas that were impacted by general wear and tear over the years," according to the Red Sox. Mayor Walsh who was the first to sign the Pesky Pole, writing "Go Sox" and his signature.

More rooftop space
Next to "Fenway Farms," which opened in 2013, there's now a 5,600-square foot "Strega Deck" space, part of an agreement the Sox have with the North End Restaurant. "The new open-air deck features outdoor televisions and a state-of-the-art-sound system, and can accommodate groups of up to 200 people for pre-game functions and non-game events," according to the Sox.

Field wall is removable
"A new removable field wall system has been installed in front of the bullpens, in the same location and the same dimensions, to better accommodate non-baseball events that continue to be popular at Fenway Park," the Red Sox said in a release.

.Then there's the food...

Fenway Franks remain the ol' staple but, apparently Aramark, the food company/supplier for Fenway, is apparently after my own heart...LOBSTER!  It really does make sense, this is Boston after all.  Lobster will be served at every game under a new partnership with Yankee Lobster Co. in the Seaport.  Some of the new additions are lobster poutine (no idea what that is), a lobster melt, a hot lobster roll, and a surf-and-turf kebab.

Gintautas Dumcius on Twitter

Fenway Park's lobster poutine cc: @masslivenews

But don't forget to hit the ATM because, as you'd expect, none of these changes come without a little pain...

Tickets prices for the 2017 season are officially up by about 2.9 percent. In some cases, the cost went up between $1 and $5.  Oh well, nothing in life is free is it? No one will care if the team can put together a big season!

Go Sox!

-Amy Brooks