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Joss Whedon Jumps The Marvel Ship, Now Doing A Batgirl Movie For DC Comics

Batgirl is going to get her first stand-alone film, and it's coming from Joss Whedon, who's known for - DUN DUN DUN, Marvel Movies. 

Yes, I get that J.J. Abrams did a jump from Star Trek to Star Wars and everything is fair in Geek love and war, but man...

Anyway, Variety shares this report, with no other producers attached, and we're now wondering where Batgirl will fall in the case of Harley Quinn attempting to get her own stand-alone, along with the Gotham City Sirens. Obviously, Gal Gadot got the first hit with Wonder Woman.

DC Comics is really lining up the films here between Gotham City Sirens, and the stand-alone Batflick Batman gig, as well as a Black Adam film, and potentials for Flash and Cyborg in the future (which the success of Justice League will most likely set up).

While everyone can be confused by this, or stoked by it, I have only one reaction (even though I'm a fan of both universes, thank you very much):


The absolute, definitive, best part of the Force Awakens in HD, no less!


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