They Got Me, I Am Watching April The Giraffe

I was one of the first people I knew to get Motorola bag phone (it was 1990, we called it a "car phone" was in a bag and I used it pretty much only in the car). Other than that, I was late to the game getting my first iPhone, joining Facebook and Instagram and seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which I still have never seen)...point is, I'm not missing April have her damn calf!  I have officially jumped on the Giraffe-cam band wagon, and I'm posting this in case you want to join me.

I watch this on and off, just marveling that there is a "baby" in her belly weighing around 150 lbs an spanning 6 feet in height, oh the discomfort...every time I join the live stream the first thing I want to do is have her sit down.  Watching her pace with that distended belly is just brutally unnerving. Which is one of the many reasons why so many are watching!

The fact of the matter is, and as ridiculous as it maybe, April's pending labor and delivery has become the most anticipated birth since Prince George made his appearance in 2013!  In fact, the spotlight is arguably greater. There were only a few hundred photographers and well-wishers lined up outside the door of the exclusive London hospital 3 an a half years ago, while this expectant mother is being closely watched at any one time by thousands and thousands of people at any one time live and has had over 20 million views in total. Wow!

So transport yourself from your desk or your living room, to a cozy pen approximately 200 miles outside of NY city at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, and jump on this miracle wagon with me!  It will be a fourth calf for 15 year old April the giraffe and it's the first time one has been born at this zoo. They'd better be ready, they have a HUGE audience, and once there's word that labor has begun will be lots of eyes on April and all the zoo keepers and experts are doing to help her.

Take that Beyonce.



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