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SpaceX Is Using Deep-Cryogenic Lox To Fuel Their Rockets

Deep-cryogenic liquid oxygen, aka deep-cryo lox, has been around since the 40s.

SpaceX is the only company using deep-cryo lox to fuel rockets because it is risky. Deep-cryo lox is supercooled, which is over 40 degrees cooler than traditional lox used to fuel rockets.

According to a Tech Insider video (Business Insider, below), the advantage to deep-cryo lox is that it is denser than traditional lox, so you can fit more fuel and get a more powerful rocket. The problem is keeping deep-cryo lox supercooled.

When deep-cryo lox warms up the liquid expands, and if it warms too much it has to be replaced. At the moment, it's much safer to use traditional lox. SpaceX needs to find a safe way to remove excess liquid, while ensuring there is enough left to reach space. Check out the video below for more information.

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SpaceX is super-cooling its rocket fuel colder than anyone else- and why that could be a problem

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