WATCH: blink 182 On Kimmel "She's Out Of Her Mind"

Late night TV really isn't that bad these days I must say.  First of all there's plenty of material for the hosts with the election and award shows and drama among actors... but most of all MUSIC!  I often stay up to flip through all 3 of these brilliantly entertaining men do their monologues (Kimmel, Fallon and Colbert, who is extremely unsung if you ask me), and I sometimes will even sit through the first guest but even I, a late to bed type, doesn't stay up for the musical act, hard as I may try (may I propose that they start with the musical act?? #JustSaying).  So I rely on each shows' YouTube channel the next day, which is how I came upon this.  Blink 182's awesome performance of their new song "She's Out Of Her Mind", which we are of course championing here at Alt 92.9.

So in case YOU missed it you go.

The first time Grammy nominated Blink 182 with "She's Out Of Her Mind" as see on Jimmy Kimmel:

blink-182 - She's Out of Her Mind @ Jimmy Kimmel Live! - 10.01.2017

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