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iPhone Users: Get Your Super Mario On!

Do you remember playing Super Mario? Do you have kids that always try to play with your smartphone?
Either way, the next form of retro gaming (because, clearly, Pokemon Go brought new surface level gamers out of the woodwork), there is now a Super Mario iOS game called Super Mario Run. 

Super Mario Run on Twitter

Super Mario Run is now available to download on iPhone & iPad! #SuperMarioRun

Mario is running to save Princess Peach (because, duh, that's what he does) and is trying to chase Bowser who's destroying everything. Pretty simple, right?

Mario will always stay in perpetual running motion, and your job is to jump and get the coins, break the bricks, etc.

What's weird about this format, is that it brags that you can play this game with one hand, because of the fact that Mario is constantly running. Another strange thing: the baddies do not hurt or kill you. Mario is programmed to hurdle over the turtles and the goombas (the mushroom lookin' dudes).

The app is free, to a degree, but of course, is anything really free?

Apple Insider notes that the game has some in-purchase apps that get you into different levels of the game. You initially power through the free levels, then to keep playing, you will have to add the purchase of $9.99 to the mix. To get to the purchased levels, you have to play/defeat the free ones first.

You are also building Toad Kingdom after Bowser's destroyal, according to Apple Insider, so your coin intake is important. You start with 3,000 coins, which is great, but it will take more than that (which we assume is another in app purchase.) You also can unlock characters like Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette, but you have to play Kingdom Builder mode and Toad Rally to do so.  To read more about that, head over to Heavy to get the info.

All in all, even just for a fun distraction for a short period of time, you can relive your Super Mario days through this app to get your fix, without having to purchase things - so get to your App Store, and get playing!


To download the game for iOS, click here. Android users, you will have to wait. SORRY!



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