Gavin Rossdale Talks About The Impact "Glycerine" Has Had On His Career

A couple years ago Bush played an ALT 92.9 Songs & Stories event. Rossdale shared stories of how the band came to be, how he met Gwen Stephani (pre divorce) and he shared the stories behind so many of the songs that made Bush what they are.

Here is an ALT 92.9 exclusive clip of Rossdale talking about the impact "Glycerine" had on his career. When he starts talking about the song, you hear someone from the audience bring up the epic 1996 MTV Spring Break performance, where the band played outdoors through an insane storm. It was so incredibly rock and roll and is still talked about today.

Here is the clip followed by Gavin Rossdale and Chris Traynor from Bush performing an acoustic version of "Glycerine"...