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REVIEW: Oasis Doc ‘Supersonic’

People love 90s nostalgia, and with the new Oasis documentary Supersonic, fans will get it in droves, but it’s nostalgia of a different kind.  While the film looks back at the unprecedented meteoric rise of one of the decade’s biggest rock bands, it also looks back at a time when a rock band could be the biggest act on the planet.

Rock and roll isn’t dead, but it certainly doesn’t get the attention it used to, and Supersonic is proof.  The film covers the history of Oasis from its early beginnings up to their legendary 1996 shows on the grounds of Knebworth House, a castle in Hertfordshire, England. The band played two nights before 125,000 people each night.  Tickets were available via application raffle.  Over 2.6 million people applied for tickets.

Yeah…can’t remember the last time a new rock band elicited that kind of reaction.

Of course, three short years before, Oasis were just a local Manchester band looking to make it big, and at the center were brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, who were bickering long before they were bandmates.

Supersonic is comprised primarily of recently recorded voice overs over behind-the-scenes footage of Oasis rehearsing, performing, recording and, more often than not, f*cking around. The depth of the footage is either a sign that Oasis knew they were going to be a massive success or had some of the most unique egos known to man.

Who are we kidding?  It was both.

While it’s easy to get lost in the drama and fighting between the Gallaghers, Supersonic does an amazing job at reminding viewers that at the heart of the band was some incredible music.  Oasis’s 1994 debut Definitely Maybe and the 1995 follow-up (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? are among some of the most beloved albums of not just the 90s but of all time. Considering their arrival came at a time when music fans were dealing with a post-grunge world and reeling from the shocking death of Kurt Cobain, it was both the music that was wanted and needed.

Supersonic offers an intimate look at a band striving, achieving and dealing with the highest heights of fame, but to say it puts Oasis on a pedestal would be false. The band put themselves on a pedestal long before this film and had more than enough talent and guts to back it up.  That type of attitude is certainly lacking in rock nowadays and certainly missed.

It’s enough to make you pine for the 90s and those pre-Internet days in a whole new way.

Supersonic will be in theaters TONIGHT (October 26th) for ONE NIGHT ONLY.  To find a theater near you screening the film, go to

Oasis: Supersonic Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Oasis Documentary

Director: Mat Whitecross Oasis: Supersonic Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Oasis Documentary From the Academy Award® winning producers of AMY and SENNA, OASIS: SUPERSONIC tells the incredible true story of the meteoric rise, chaotic reign, and epic explosion of the legendary rock band Oasis. In Theaters October 26 - One night only!

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