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Kevin Smith Defends David Ayer On 'Suicide Squad' Reviews

Director Kevin Smith is not going to let anyone else bully Director David Ayer over Suicide Squad.  

As Kevin Smith is known for his nerdisms and his acting/directing of all of the Clerks era, he's also known for being an avid comic book reader. So he thinks that your reviews on the new Suicide Squad movies are a load of phooey.

He took the time to write out a long post on Instagram with a photo of himself and Ayer, explaining that he thought the film was magnificent, and loved the schematic of Batman and Joker being just supporting characters to the film.

Read his full - non spoilery - synopsis here:

I look up to @suicidesquadmovie maker #DavidAyer. His #endofwatch, shot with a mixture of media including dashboard & body cams, was the work of a true filmmaker. And I don't know how he got me to love a tank movie, but #fury is another amazing Ayer effort. When I heard he was shepherding a cinematic #suicidesquad, my already-high interests in a @dccomics movie shot over the top: what would a gritty guy like Dave do with the likes of #Deadshot & #HarleyQuinn? Well I think he made magic and did #dccomics proud. The #Squad movie doesn't look like any other comic book flick I've ever seen. The periodic use of both #Batman and the #joker as background characters instead of the usual leads was thrilling and felt like our first real glimpse at an interconnected #dceu. The cast is top notch but Harley, as expected, steals the show. The #jokerandharley beats are simply wonderful for a longtime fan to watch and make you immediately wanna see the all-Harley movie they already announced. Throwaway moments made me so happy (like Katana and her Soultaker sword) but this flick as a whole had me smiling the whole time. Thanks to her name, my kid @harleyquinnsmith_ was already on board for this movie - and she loved it (like LOVED it). I'll be heading back to see it again tonight so expect a brand new #FatManOnBatman review soon. #KevinSmith

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Take it from a guy who named his daughter Harley Quinn. I think he knows what he's talking about.


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