TechBuzz: Some Of The Coolest Camera Gadgets Ever!

I will admit, shopping for cool photo items makes me want to buy all of the things. 

And now, I shall make you want all of the things as well! Being that it's Camera Day, we wanted to get you some of the coolest toys for your cameras, whether they be SLRs or Smartphones.

For the camera buff in your life, ask them how many lens caps they've lost! I'm sure they will say a ton. Here's a lens cap holder from PhotoJojo!


If you're more of a smartphone-ographer, they have cases that resemble the GoPro mounts for your phone - which is great for things like the Apple 6 Plus, which shoots in 4K.  Protect that phone from the weather elements with this bad boy.



An Ultra Wide Smartphone lens is always awesome, especially if you have a sports fanatic in your family. Those wide shots of stadiums are perfect with this.

Ever try to take pictures of kids and it's really hard to get them to focus? Shutter Huggers are little animals that go on the camera lens. That will definitely distract them!


And because we as humans are weird, now there's a GoPro harness for your dog that you can order.


For the caffeine addicted camera person in your life - a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens.


And for the camera nerd in your life that loves Star Wars, here's a Chewbacca camera bag.


And finally, the most practical on the list: Probably one of the best tripods ever. Just saying.


Get your camera on!


Amy Cooper is a writer and pop culture fact nerd, and on multiple occasions has been referred to as a “Walking iPod.”