In Other Rock News…(June 28th)

Guns N’ Roses, Frances Bean Cobain and Linkin Park make up the June 28th installment of “In Other Rock News…”  Enjoy!


GN’R Heavy Favorite To Headline Next Year’s Glastonbury

With the 2016 installment officially in the books, there’s already speculation as to who will headline 2017’s Glastonbury.

Per NME, Guns N’ Roses are currently the favorite to headline the festival next year, citing Axl Rose’s recent statement that U.K. GN’R shows will be announced soon.

Of course, we’re still a year out.  Who know what could happen during that time?!

More Drama Around Frances Bean’s Divorce

Frances Bean Cobain is trying to move on after filing for divorce from Isaiah Silva after less than two years of marriage, but the cops had to be brought in recently as Cobain began moving out of the home the couple shared.

TMZ reports that LAPD were called to supervise the move after a previous incident when Cobain tried to move out a few months ago.  Fortunately, this move was without incident, and we hope Cobain can officially begin moving on with her life.


New Update On New Linkin Park Album

To end this round-up on a high note:  Apparently, things are about to get “weirder” for Linkin Park, who in the process of recording a new album.

In an email from Mike Shinoda to the rest of the band that was distributed via the band’s email blast list, Shinoda wrote the following:

“I had an epiphany today about the album. Right now, in the studio, the foundations of the songs are there... I think it's time to shift into the next gear. Let's discover the voice of this album.... I want to get into experimentation mode, get weirder, and record more live instruments... I said at the beginning, I want this album to be our best. Let's do this! Feel free to give me a call to discuss, or we can talk on Monday.”

We’re not quite sure what all of this could mean, but damn…do we enjoy Shinoda’s enthusiasm!



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