In Other Rock News…(June 14th)

Izzy Stradlin, Metallica and Panic! At The Disco make up the June 14th installment of "In Other Rock News..."  Enjoy!


Izzy Stradlin Shares New Music On Twitter

Izzy Stradlin isn’t taking part of the current Guns N’ Roses tour, but good news is he’s working on new music, and he shared a clip on Twitter recently.

Izzy Stradlin on Twitter



Metallica’s ‘No Life ‘Til Leather’ Box Set On Hold

Metallica have box set fever right now, but in a recent interview, the box set for the band’s demo tape No Life ‘Til Leather is currently on hold right now due to some undiscloused legal issues.

Well…I guess that means they’ll have more time to work on their new album, right?  RIGHT?!


Panic! At The Disco Organize Blood Drive Before Florida Show

Finally, and to end on a positive note in light of tragedy, Panic! At The Disco are holding a blood drive in front of the Bayfront Park Amphitheater tonight before their scheduled performance at the Miami venue to help with those still in need as a result of the horrific Orlando nightclub shooting.  Good on the band for doing this!

Panic! At The Disco on Twitter

@my1blood will be out front Bayfront Park Amphitheater Tuesday before the show from 3-7pm


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